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Strathclyde Woodturner's News

Get Involved.

The club is run by the members for the members, so we are always looking for volunteers to help with the meetings. I appreciate that some members my be uncomfortable with doing a demonstration, but there are other ways you can help.

How about doing a "Me and my Workshop"

It is always interesting seeing other members turning and their workshop. All you need to to is take a few photographs of your workshop, bring along a few pieces of your turning and let the members know about you. How you got into turning, what you like to make and what you would like to make.

Or a "How I make it"

If you are making a piece that you think would be of interest to the members, please take step by step photographs and let us all know how you made it.

Our programmer, Alan Ewing, has a very small pool of members he can call on to do a demonstration, but you can still help.

You can get involved without needing to stand behind a lathe and turning something. A ten minute talk about you, your work work or workshop will make all the difference at our meetings.

Please contact Alan if you can help in any way.

Programme for 2023

  • Meetings & Demos

    • The current calendar for our meetings is:

      • March 13th    John Gorman

      • April 10th     Volunteer required !!

      • May 15th     Colwin Way demo will be three items: Taming the skew, Wet oak turning and a Natural edge bowl

      • June 12th    AGM Short demo Volunteer required !!

      • July                  No Meeting

      • August             No Meeting

      • Sept 11th            Pat Carroll demo platter with textured rim square

      • Oct    9th       Volunteer required !!

      • Nov 13th        Richard Findley Demo 

      • Dec 11th        Volunteer required !!

    • Our May meeting was scheduled for the 8th, this is now a public holiday due to the coronation of King Charles III, our meeting is therefor moved to May 15th

Tools for Sale

The club has decided to sell all the tools and machinery as well no longer have club rooms. If you are interested in any of the items, please contact Darren or Ralph for more details.

There are also a large collection of magazines, books and DVD's which are free to members.

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